Prestige Fund Management Limited is a Cayman based Fund Management company registered with the Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA). Prestige Fund Management specialises in international alternative investments.  The company is responsible for the management and operation of all non-EEA based Prestige Funds.  Prestige Funds focus on absolute return and alternative investment-based strategies.

Prestige Fund Management Limited is part of Prestige which consists of several companies under common ownership and control, and was established just months before the largest ever global financial crisis which continues to significantly shape many aspects of our world today in economic, political and social terms.

Since then, Prestige has successfully launched several businesses and innovative financial products and services that now employ over 100 professionals in the UK, Malta, Luxembourg and Cayman, as well as raising over USD 1.9 billion. The investor base continues to grow and evolve both geographically as well as by category, and Prestige now manages significant assets for institutional investors such as pension funds, family offices and sovereign wealth funds. This is testament to the experience and dedication of our various teams and the systems and processes developed – enabling innovative products and services to continue to evolve and assets to grow.

Members of the Prestige Investment Management team, Board of Advisors and Affiliates visit and are in contact with numerous Investment Managers and Fund Groups around the world each year and only a select few are ever chosen to become part of any investment portfolio offering.

The Prestige Investment Management team is made up of a diverse group of investment professionals who have put together a select range of investment funds using established regulated managers with proven track records and solid backgrounds.  The team has many years of experience in different sectors of financial markets including investment banking, stock broking, hedge fund management, private equity and alternative investment marketing.

The Prestige Investment Management team is able to draw upon a wealth of research and background due diligence capabilities in both extensive quantitative and qualitative fields.  Members of the team, its Board Advisors and Affiliates have served on numerous boards of financial institutions, international funds, asset management companies and wealth management groups.

Prestige operates several specialist alternative credit funds which have attracted thousands of investors from around the world seeking commercial rates of return and a positive social impact. Prestige takes centuries-old financing tools and overlays expertise in structuring, risk management and financial software to bring global capital to underserved businesses.

Regulation and Governance


Prestige Fund Management Limited does not hold any client funds, cash or assets.

Prestige Fund Management Limited is registered in the Cayman Islands by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).

Prestige Fund Management Limited retains the services of a UK-based independent information technology consultancy with offsite security, data capture, backup and contingency facilities.

Prestige Funds

All Prestige Funds use independent Fund Administrators, Custodians, Prime Brokers, Auditors and Bankers.


Prestige uses OpenFunds Investment Services AG for its legal representative and distribution services in Switzerland.

All Prestige funds are managed by a regulated Investment Manager and often also use regulated independent investment advisors.

All Prestige funds have at least three experienced international board directors and at least one who is independent and all are individually regulated.

Selected Prestige funds are registered with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur in Luxembourg (CSSF).

Selected Prestige funds are registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).


Committed to always making returns for investors

Committed to providing innovative and creative investment solutions

Our success is the result of putting investors’ interests first

Delivery of quality products, services and results

A culture of continuous research, development and market knowledge

Providing opportunities for gifted professionals with like-minded goals

Continuous evolvement and flexibility to maintain a competitive edge

Valuing diversity, inclusiveness and integrity