Important information

Prestige Fund Management Limited  (PFML or the Firm) supports a range of Experienced Only Investor Products. These are for experienced investor platforms. The products are neither suitable nor intended for “Retail Investors”.

PFML does not give advice or recommendations. PFML handles no investment monies and will never ask you to send monies directly to it or any other third party. All the products represented have independent Banks and Fund Administrators handling monies and investment subscriptions/applications.

All the products represented by PFML are always shown on its affiliated professional investor website on which you will need to register and fulfil the status check requirements before being able to receive information.

Application forms with a supporting prospectus are on a request only basis from an authorised person with a suitable legal agreement in place with PFML or its affiliated companies (Prestige).

The only affiliated Companies of PFML are:

  • Prestige Capital Services Limited
  • Prestige Capital Management Limited
  • Prestige Asset Distribution Limited

Affiliated Prestige Brands:

  • Prestige Funds
  • Prestige ClimateInvest

General Guidance

Investment scams are sadly very prevalent in this industry. Any unexpected unsolicited contact should be treated with caution. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the regulatory authority that supervises Financial Services activities in the United Kingdom, and requires that any firm providing such services is authorised and regulated by it, details of which can be checked and verified by the FCA. Regulators in other jurisdictions have similar registers and lists and you should refer to these if you are not in the UK or the offer is being made in or from another country.

The FCA issue warning lists detailing firms and individuals that it knows are operating without its authorisation.

The list also provides information about the risks associated with particular investment opportunities. The FCA also has a register that individuals can check. This allows you to see if a company you are thinking of doing business with is authorised to provide regulated financial services. This can help you avoid being caught out by unscrupulous operators.

If you are an individual and a person contacts you claiming to represent Prestige we can quickly confirm if they are associated to a Prestige affiliated company – it is highly unlikely that any individual would ever be contacted by one of our representatives directly due to our Professional Only Investor Products.

Approaches to be wary of:

  • You receive an unexpected phone call from someone claiming to be a member of a sales team, to talk about an investment opportunity that’s “just right for you”.
  • Tempting returns are offered – often double-digit in size –much is made of poor interest rates and low returns available elsewhere.
  • They may have found your details from shareholder registers and, in a bid to lower your guard, praise you as somebody who understands risk and who has been selected for this ‘exclusive’ chance.
  • Pressure is put on you, with suggestions the opportunity is only available for a limited time.
  • Any concerns you have about downsides are brushed off, or the caller perhaps suggests you can sell your stake if the investment is unsuccessful.
  • If you say you are not interested, they will keep on calling back and become adept at talking to you for long periods of time to wear you down.
  • Any so-called ‘investment opportunity’ you receive out of the blue is likely to be very risky or a fraud. Many fraudsters do background checks on targets – for example, they may look for those who have recently retired, sold a business, or come into a large inheritance – and tailor their pitches to match the profile.

Before Proceeding:

  • If you are considering an investment, do plenty of research before you part with personal details or money.
  • Where possible discuss the opportunity with an impartial or independent experienced third party.
  • Never disclose personal or financial details or follow links unless you trust the source and are confident to do so, particularly where contact is not solicited or expected.
  • If in doubt, verify contact and firm details independently before divulging information.